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Avaya Merlin Phones

Merlin Telephone System Phones

First launched in 1983, the Merlin telephone system was the successor to the 1A2 Key / ComKey phone systems.

In what should be considered a real-world testament to the quality of AT&T / Lucent's hardware and software designs, it continues to impress us that so many people are still running this same system more than 30 years after its debut.

"Ma Bell", as AT&T was known due to its monopoly over US telephone system networks, was broken apart in 1982 into what became known as the "Baby Bells". While a complete history of AT&T won't be necessary in this context, it's worth noting that AT&T was later known as Lucent, which was subsequently known as Avaya - this succession of different names means that if you purcahse a Merlin business phone, it may have any of those three brands inscribed on it although they are all functionally identical.

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