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Avaya 3810 vs 3910 vs 3920 Compatibility Explained

Posted by Yada Yada Telecom on 6th Feb 2019

Which Avaya Wireless Phone Do I Need?

Over our 25+ years in business, we have found that many buyers are unsure about the differences between these three different phones. While there is potential overlap in compatibility, the confusion goes deeper since the 3810 and 3910 were manufactured with the exact same cosmetic presentation.

All three of these models are powerful cordless solutions for Avaya phone systems - they allow users full access to system features that using a single-line / analog cordless phone does not afford. However, there is much confusion about which model works on what phone system(s) so we wanted to present a clear discussion in plain language about what will and won't fit your needs.

First Up: Avaya 3810

The Avaya 3810 Wireless Phone (700305105) was originally manufactured as a new wireless solution for the Magix telephone system. While there are ever-fewer of these systems out "in the wild" as we begin the year 2019, Avaya used very similar technology for digital stations on their ubiquitous IP Office platform. This (perhaps unintentionally) gave the 3810 a whole new life as a relevant cordless option for modern systems.

If you are currently using a Magix telephone system, your telephone models will very likely be Avaya 4400, 4406, 4412, 4424 or similar. If your Magix system is equipped with a station card with "MLX" in the product name, then your system can also run any of the MLX series phones: MLX-10D, MLX-16DP, MLX-34D, etc. The Avaya 3810 will be a plug-and-play wireless solution to replace any of these phone models.

If you are currently using an IP Office telephone system, you are very likely using phone models such as Avaya 1408, 1416, 2402, 2410, 5402, 5410, or on a newer system you may be using a 94xx or 95xx series phone. The Avaya 3810 will be a plug-and-play wireless solution to replace any of these phone models.

Next: Avaya 3910

The Avaya 3910 Wireless Phone (700305113) was built as the wireless solution for Partner Telephone systems. These systems were hugely popular and still enjoy a very large share of small office or even residential telecom usage. Compatibility gets especially confusing here due to overlap when systems are equipped in specific ways.

If you are currently using an Avaya Partner telephone system, then you are using the older phone models such as MLS-6, MLS-12, MLS-18 or MLS-34; the newer Partner telephones are designated as Partner 6 Button, 6D, 18 Button, 18D or 34D and may be referred to as either "Euro Style", "Series 1", "2nd Gen", or "Series 2" - you can find a more in-depth discussion of those differences in a different post, but they are all natively supported on the Partner telephone system, and the Avaya 3910 will be a plug-and-play wireless solution.

Now things get tricky. If you're using a Magix system equipped with a station card that has "ETR" in the product name, the Avaya 3910 will work on the stations provided by that card, but NOT on stations provided by an MLX or other station card.

And now things get very confusing. The Avaya IP500 IP Office telephone system can be set up so that customers could continue using their older Partner or MLS phones on a newer system (those Partner systems lasted longer than Avaya anticipated!). So it is possible that you are using a Partner or MLS phone on an IP500 V2 Control Unit- but it must be equipped with the ETR 6 Station Card (700476039) and be running IP Office Partner Edition software. The simplest way to tell is to look at the phones around your office - chances are very good that your office has either Partner/MLS or IP Office digital phones but not both. If you are currently using a Partner or MLS telephone, regardless of what system you're running it on, the Avaya 3910 will be a plug-and-play wireless solution.

Finally: Avaya 3920

I saved the 3920 for last - after the discussion of 3910 it's much easier to explain the compatibility of the Avaya 3920 Wireless Phone (700471121). Put as simply as possible, this is just an incremental technology upgrade for the 3910 model, and it enjoys the exact same compatibility requirements as that model. However, it is worth pointing out that the 3810 did not have a newer-generation model, so unless you are using a Partner phone system (or using Partner phones on one of the other "blended" systems described above), you will only be able to use the 3810.

I hope you have found this explanation useful, and I hope you find it before you go shopping for your next wireless Avaya digital phone and order from a vendor who might not fully understand these differences! If you have any questions or concerns about compatibility, troubleshooting or anything else, please feel free to click the "Contact Us" page in the top navigation bar to get in touch.