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Button Programming on Avaya 1408 and 1416 Digital Telephones

Posted by Yada Yada Telecom on 16th Jan 2019

How to Customize Button Programming on Avaya 1408 and 1416 Telephones

With a 200+ page user guide to sort through, getting directly to the issue you're trying to solve can be challenging. Here are the basic steps to get your IP Office system features or speed dial assignments dialed in quickly.

If you haven't already located it, here is the Avaya 1408 / 1416 User Guide PDF

These steps can be used to select and apply a function to a feature key, to replace or delete and existing function assignment:

  • 1: Press the Features soft key.
  • 2: Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to scroll to Phone User and press Select or OK.
  • 3: Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to scroll to Self-Administer and press Select or OK.
  • 4: Enter your login code when prompted and press Done.
  • 5: At this point, you can use the Menu and Feature Keys in conjunction to select and apply functions:
    • Inspect or Delete Button Assignments::
      • Press the Feature Key you wish to inspect to see the current programmed function.
      • To delete the function, press Delete, or to return to the Menu press Back.
    • Program a Button:
      • Use the UP or DOWN arrows to scroll to the function you want to assign and press Select.
      • If the function requires data (such as an extension number for Speed Dial), dial the number you wish to program, then press the feature key you want to program.
      • If that button is already programmed for a function, you will be prompted to replace the existing function. To do so press Replace.
      • Press Back.
    • Repeat these steps for all buttons you wish to program, then press Back or Exit to finish.

    We hope you have found this quick guide useful! If you have any questions about your IP Office telephone please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.