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Change Date and Time on Avaya Partner Telephone System

Posted by Yada Yada Telecom on 28th Jan 2019

How to Change Date and Time on Avaya Partner Phone Systems

This simple guide will help you quickly change date and time on your office's Avaya Partner Telephone system. If you are looking for a more complete programming guide, please contact us and we'll get right back to you with help!

  • Step One: Enter System Programming Mode:

  • From extension 10 or 11 (one of the first two extensions on the system), place the handset in the cradle and dial FEATURE - 0 - 0 - the phone will sound a tone and the display will read "STATION xx PROGRAMMING". Now press the left intercom button twice to enter SYSTEM PROGRAMMING.

  • Step Two: Change System Time:

  • Once in System Programming mode, dial # - 1 - 0 - 3. Your display will read "System Time". Enter the new desired time setting in 24-hour format. For example, 10:45 AM would be entered as "1045"; 3:30 PM woudld be entered as "1530" (3:30 + 12:00). Your display will show "System Time" with the new value you entered just below.

  • Step Three: Change System Date:

  • Starting from the same programming screen you just finsished with (or from the SYSTEM PROGRAMMING prompt from Step 1), dial # - 1 - 0 - 1. Your display will read "System Date". Enter the new desired date setting in the following format: MMDDYYY (two digits for the month, two digits for the day, and four digits for the year). For example, February 22nd, 2016 would be entered as 02222016; July 4th, 2018 would be entered as 07042018. Your display will show "System Date" with the new value you entered just below.

    At this point, you can select another programming procedure beginning with the # key, or press # - # to save and exit programming mode.

    We hope this has been a quick solution for you - if we can assist with any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance!