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Executone Isoetec Phones

Executone Isoetec Telephones

Incorporating a broad range of telephone and system models, Isoetec today can be a confusing term while searching online. There are old systems called simply "Isoetec" with part numbers in the range of 883xx which function using the EZ-1 telephone system; this product family turned into the Isoetec Medley which uses the more commonplace Model 12 / M12, Model 16 / M16 and similar designations.

If you are looking for a particular Executone Isoetec / Executone Medley phone and can't find it listed here, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with whatever help we can offer.

  • Executone 84600-4 Model 64 Black Telephone

    Model: Model 64MPN: 84600-4 Features: 18 programmable keys, 2-line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Full speakerphone for internal and external calls. Can receive a second internal speakerphone call while on a handset or headset call.  ...

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