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Inter-Tel GLX Phones

Inter-Tel GLX / GLX+ Telephones

With only two models of phones available for each product set (GLX and GLX Plus), the Inter-Tel GLX family is small but well-regarded and still in wide use today.

Both series of office phone will work on the same KSU with the right software revision installed, and the LCD / display version of the GLX+ phone is the exact same basic phone with the once-optional LCD module pre-installed.

If you are looking for a particular Inter-Tel GLX / GLX+ phone and can't find it listed here, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with whatever help we can offer.

Inter-Tel GLX / GLX+ Manual

  • Inter-Tel GLX+ 612.4200 Display Phone

    Inter-Tel GLX+ 612.4200 Phone

    Inter-Tel GLX 612.4200 Display Phone Features: Please note that part numbers 612.4200 and 612.4201 are functionally identical - these models refer to the type of handset used (Dynamic or Electret) GLX-Plus phone models 612.4200 and 612.4300 require a...

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