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Iwatsu ADIX Phones

Iwatsu ADIX Telephones

Covering a broad range of Iwatsu business phone models, ADIX was the flagship system developed and released to offer cutting edge technology and scalablility, serving very small businesses through large enterprise grade applications.

Here you will see models listed that may not be compatible alongside each other, even though they were all sold and marketed as "ADIX" series. If you need any help locating an exact model, please contact us.

Among the IX-12KTxx models, there is often confusion about displays and number of feature buttons available on the phones. This is due to Iwatsu's decision to design their phones with the same option and expansion flexibility enjoyed by the PBX: the company sold display modules seperately (IX-KTLCD) which could be installed in non-display models, and offered a button expansion module (IX-12ELK) which could be installed in 12-button phone models to expand to 24. For this reason, you may find many disambiguations of Iwatsu ADIX model numbers - for instance:

  • IX-12KTD-3 is the same base phone as IX-24KTD-3, but with the optional button expansion already instaled
  • IX-12KTS-3 is the same base phone as IX-12KTD-3, but with the optional display module already installed

We have tried to take all of these options into consideration and make as many different variations available as possible; however with so many choices it can get overwhelming making decisions. If you need any help building an order of phones with specific options, please contact us and we will respond with any guidance or help we can.

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