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The Industry-funded studies are in: supposedly 70% of callers who are placed on hold and hear nothing but silence will hang up and seek services elsewhere in less than 60 seconds. While these studies definitely suffer from some bias, it might not be too far off the mark; after all, a recent study outlined in this humorous Newsweek article suggests that over the course of our modern lives, we will spend an average of 1.2 years waiting on hold. At the very least, it seems like common sense to keep callers engaged until you are able to take their call, and taken a step further: why not sieze that moment of a captive audience and use it to suggest services or alternative contact methods that may be less labor-intensive for your staff?

If you're curious to read a very informative overview of the science and history of Music On Hold (or if you happen to be on hold right now), this article in Slate proved to be interesting and funny while providing some insight into the how's and why's of this ubiquitous part of telecommuncaion.

While many modern phone systems incorporate some built-in solution for playing outoing messages and/or music while calls are placed on Hold, these devices offer the flexibility to use just about any recorded message or music you desire rather than relying on pre-built solutions from your phone system manufacturer.

While all serious consideration must be given with regard to copyrights on recorded music, there are dozens of servies available for fully-customized solutions - and often royalty-free.

Connecting to your phone system in a variety of ways, most current models offer the ease of a USB connection to a computer where messages/music are custom-made and uploaded, then the thumb drive or internal memory simply "plays" the recordings on a loop - once a call is placed on hold, your callers don't hear silence or canned Muzak. This is a marketing and branding opportunity that can turn one-time callers into lifelong customers.

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