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NEC / Nitsuko TIE 88xxx

Nitsuko TIE 88xxx Series Phones

Covering model numbers beginning with the prefix 88xxx, this series of Nitsuko / TIE office telephones incorporates the Onyx and BusinessCom / BusCom telephone system families. While there are many variations of these phones, if you are seeking compatibility advice you only need to know the first two digits of the part number; all phones from this series are compatible with the same systems with each other.

On the models 8826x and 8836x, the third digit denotes color (2 for White and 3 for Black) while the last number follows the standard Nitsuko designations of "1" or "6" for speakerphone capability while the other numbers are monitor-only speakerphones.

On the models 8867x, the only color option was Graphite (grey), while the 8866 series were only manufactured in White (with the same scheme of the final digit indicating speakerphone / monitor phone features).

If you are looking for a particular Nitsuko TIE 88xxx series phone and can't find it listed here, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with whatever help we can offer.

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