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Toshiba DKT Phones

Toshiba DKT Series Phones

As the follow-up to the "electronic" EKT series of Toshiba business telehpones, the DKT series incorporates modernized design aesthetics and expanded compatibility which allowed it to achieve ubiquity in the PBX telephone market throughout the 1990's and up through today.

The DKT2000 Series was the immediate successor to the EKT series. Introducing a new type of digital station circuitry which allowed for greater scalability, the DKT2000 telephone family set the stage for everything that followed - including moving into IP Telephony products alongside the traditional digital stations. Models from this family include a full spectrum of digital phone solutions from the entry-level DKT2001 through the very popular DKT2010-SD and DKT2020-SD display speakerphones.

Continuing their success with those models, Toshiba then introduced the DKT3000 series which offered more modern styling but carried all the same functionality. End users appreciated the more rounded handset style of the DKT3000 - incorporating models DKT3001 through DKT3010-SD and DKT3020-SD phones. Additionally, the IPT series launched during this series, offering then-cutting edge IP telephony solutions.

Roundig out the DKT series, the final series of digital phones were the DKT3200 Series phones which bulit upon the aesthetic design of the DKT3000 and added a sleek sliver bezel around the display, offering a high-end touch that became very popular with users around the world.

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