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Vodavi DHS Phones

Vodavi Starplus DHS Business Phones

While Vodavi could fairly be criticized for heavily over-using the term "Starplus" in many of their distinct product lines, the DHS office telephone series is also known by the name PCS Digital - due to technology and manufacturing sharing between these companies you may find these phones called either of these names, but the underlying technology is exactly the same and they will all work alongside each other on the same PBX equipment.

Offering models which all begin with the prefix of "SP-73xx", Starplus DHS offers end users phone options including the SP-7311 (basic, non-display), the mid-range SP-7312 (enhanced, non display) and the top tier SP-7314 (executive, display). As with all Vodavi phones, the final numbers in the part number denote what color the phone is - in the case of Starplus DHS, "-71" denotes charcoal / black color whereas "-08" indicates white.

If you are looking for a particular Vodavi DHS phone and can't find it listed here, please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with whatever help we can offer.

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