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Vodavi Starplus Phones

Vodavi Starplus Business Phones

"Starplus" must have been Vodavi's CEO's favorite word, because they seemed to apply that label to an unreasonably large number of distinct phone systems. We have tried to break these up into logical sub categories for ease of navigation, but if you aren't sure which family of Vodavi Starplus phones you need please contact us and we will try to help clarify or locate exactly what you need.

Here we are referring to Starplus phones under the "Starplus Digital" and the very first use of "Starplus" - these latter phones offer distinctive aesthetics which make them the simplest of all the Vodavi phones to identify.

Starplus Digital phones can be quickly identified by part numbers that follow the part number scheme of 14xx with a suffix of -08 (for white), -70 (for light grey) and -71 (for charcoal grey). While this series can be very easily confused with certain Infinite models, luckily some engineer at Vodavi made the wise decision to designate Infinite phones with a "IN" prefix before the part number.

The original Starplus phones enjoy highly polished plastic casings and a wide range of color options. These can be identified by their distinct part numbers beginning with "SP6161x" with the following breakdown:

  • SP61610 (basic, non display)
  • SP61612 (enhanced, non display)
  • SP61614 (executive, display)

All of the original Starplus models come in many colors, with the ending of each part number indicating its color: "-00" for Black, "-44" for Ash, "-54" for Grey, "-01" for Forest Green (although this may not have been an original factory color) and "-60" for Burgundy / Dark Red.