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Vodavi STS / STSe Phones

Vodavi STS / STSe Business Telephones

With Vodavi throwing around the term "Starplus" as often as it did, it can be nearly impossible to distinguish which phones are compatible with each other and which system they go with. In the highly-proprietary world of office telephones, this can be frustrating and lead to confuion on the part of sellers and end users alike. If you aren't sure which type of Starplus phone you need, please contact us and we will do our best to clarify and help you locate exactly what you need.

The STS / STSe business telephones have the simplest set of model numbers of any of the Vodavi telephones we carry. They can be identified by looking closely at their part numbers: 3515 and 3516 are the only models made explicitly for this system (although other models may be compatble depending on the software level of your KSU).

As with all Vodavi phones, the last two digits of the part number indicate color: "-08" for White and "-71" for Charcoal Grey / Black in this family of phones.

There is only one defining characteristic between these two models: the 3516-xx phone has a backlit LCD display; the 3515-xx display is not backlit. Refreshingly simple, considering Vodavi's history of convoluted equipment labeling!