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Vodavi Triad Phones

Vodavi Triad Business Telephones

In the complex world of Vodavi system and office phone branding, the Triad is no exception to the rule: finding the exact right models for your system can be a frustrating, reasearch filled endavor. Hopefully if you've found this page we can help get you exactly to where you need to be; if you aren't sure which Vodavi phones are right for your application please contact us and we will try to clarify this complicated manufacturer.

Keeping with tradition, Vodavi managed to sneak the world "Starplus" even into the Triad family of office phones; here you will find the Starplus Triad (with model numbers beginning with "TR") series; please see the XTS Category page for other models. This compatibility can depend on what software revision your system is running so please use the link above to contact us if you're uncertain what you need.

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