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Vodavi XTS Phones

Vodavi XTS Business Telephones

The XTS family of Vodavi phone systems can refer to a number of distinct systems. While there is some crossover in compatibility between the phones, it can frequently depend entirely on what software level your KSU is running. If you're confused about what phones you need for your specific application (and in the world of Vodavi, you are not alone), please contact us and we will try to clarify the differenes and point you in the right direction.

XTS phones cover a wide range of systems: the Triad XTS, XTS-C, XTS-IP and the XTS-3000 all fall under this umbrella. To complicate matters even further, Vodavi was acquired by Vertical Communications while this system was still in production, meaning that you may find these phones branded with either Vodavi or Vertical although the underlying technology is the same.